Certification consulting

Certification consulting

Consultancy for helicopter platforms (Heliport - Helidek) certification - registration activities for the required documentation requirements for civil and military helicopter platforms HeliPLAT Ltd. Sti.


• Deployment area and marking
• Staging area and obstacle heights and clearances
• Non-slip paint deck coating
• Clearances and marking for VERTREP area
• Clearances and marking for HIFR area
• Hangar doors and marking
• Lighting and control
• Visual landing accessories
• Deck strength
• Deck drain circuit and tightness
• Smoketightness
• Deck lashing lugs and mounting equipment
• Communication
• Helicopter control station and equipment
• Wind measuring system
• Fire fighting
• Fuel storage and transfer system
• Electric power system
• Nitrogen service system
• Washing equipment with fresh water
• Hangar
• Maintenance equipment
• Helicopter transport cars